Animal: RELAGHAN TOTE (IMP) #20011636(IR)27

The above Bull was purchased in 2002 from PJ Farrelly, Shercock Co.Cavan

This bull had 13 registered Calves, with a son being sold as a stock bull for a new herd, he has daughters still in herd, and some have being sold to establish two new herds.  Has since being sold on.

Animal: SIXMILE BATTLESHIP D167 #IE2914421 40167

The above bull was purchased in 2006 from Keith Mc Chesney, Co. Monaghan

This Bull has 23 registered Calves, with some of his heifers sold to establish new herds, and kept within the herd.  He also produced great Aberdeen Angus cross cattle out of Suckler cows.    This bull Has since being sold on to a Dairy Farm.

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